Sunday, February 22, 2009


I have not updated my blog in a rather long time. A month ago, my life changed irrevocably, and not for good -- at least not any good that I can see.

On January 14 my beloved husband, Barry Stern, A"H, slipped and fell on an icy curb, struck his head and never recovered. He died 5 days later. We buried him on January 20th. He was only 48 years old.

I am now a widow and not liking it one bit. B"H, I have a wonderful loving and supportive extended family, and community, so that does help. But, at night, at home, alone (well, I do have two cats to keep me company), it is difficult for me. I try to keep busy, doing things, organizing, cleaning, reading, watching TV, chatting online, talking on the phone. But it does not really help.

Barry was my world. We had a great marriage.

Some good things have happened since he was niftar -- my daughter Chloe gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, my amazing grandson, Gavriel Tuvia. My nephew Jeremy was bar mitzvah and he did a beautiful job leining. The first occasion was a terribly bittersweet event for me. The second was a double edged sword. I love being with Barry's family, but I miss Barry terribly at these functions. I truly hate the world I have recently inherited.