Thursday, February 28, 2008

Long time no write...

Well...after my last post, I did get dressed and go to work -- only, I never actually made it to work! Instead, on my way to the bus I tripped on an uneven sidewalk and fell and broke my left hand in two places and dislocated a finger. Since I am a lefty, this was truly disabling.

When I fell, I had put my hand out to break my fall, but the awkwardness of falling while carrying my shoulderbag, and a bag with my lunch in it, wearing a long winter coat - I tumbled so that instead of the hand breaking my fall, my body broke my hand! I felt it break, I felt the crack of the bone and I screamed.

A friend happened to be waiting at the bus stop and witnessed my fall and he came to my aid -- using his cell to call 911. The bus driver also stopped the bus, and got out to help me. But no one could help. I lay on the pavement, curled up in the fetal position, cradling my hand and whimpering. After a while I braved sitting up. Thank G-d I had been wearing gloves because otherwise I would have also had to suffer scrapes and pieces of pavement stuck into my skin. As it was both my gloves were shredded in the fall! And they were leather gloves.

Finally, the ambulance came and the two EMT's, who were really YOUNG, helped me into the amblance for a ride to the ER. Before we could pull away, a police officer came and took my info down for a report.

At the hospital I was put into what was called the Cast Room. (For the cast of the TV series ER?) -- and then, it seemed, forgotten about. Finally, after just sitting there by myself, in pain, for a while, I got up and went out to the doctor's/nurse's station and asked for some pain killers. At first they offered me Motrin but I turned that down and asked for 2 Tylenol w/Codeine #3 tablets. They brought me one. I asked for a second one and they gave it to me.

Now, I was thinking about how to get in touch with my husband. He was in shul but would be home soon. He works from home and when he is working he does not answer the home phone. I could not remember his cell phone number. The only way I could think ot get him would be to send him an email.

Again, I went out to the doctor's/nurse's station (now remember, I still have not been seen, and am still cradling my left hand in my right) and asked if someone could please send an email to my husband. At first they said no (why???), but I was persistent so finally they asked an orderly to help me. He opened up gmail and I gave him my log in info. Then I dictated an email to be sent to my husband -- the whole message in the subject line:

"I am at ---- Hospital emergency room, hurt my hand, please come."

In less than 15 minutes my husband was there!

(Time for me to break and go to bed, will continue this next post...)