Friday, October 10, 2008

Losing weight

Ok, so I haven't posted in a while. So shoot me. I'm a busy woman, what can I say?

Last week I got a call from my sister in law who told me she "found" my blog! I immediately began thinking in my head, "OMG, did I write about her? What did I say?" and of course, I hadn't. I wouldn't. But still. She told me she found it "interesting". Ok, that's good, I guess.

So now, the latest in my quest for a CI: I was evaluated and this is what happened:

First I was tested unaided (without my hearing aids) at 100 db. Then I was tested aided (with my hearing aids) at 40 db. I did better unaided at 100 db than I did aided at 40 db. So she REtested me aided at 40 db -- with the same results. Then she tested me again, also aided at 40 db but this time with sentences as well as sounds and words. My score went up dramatically.

She then told me the following: she did NOT recommend CI for me as she feels it would not give me much more benefit than what I get using HA's. She felt that a CI involves much more time, expense, and is invasive and not worth it for me. I was kind of disappointed. I was in a rather cranky mood that day after that.

Then, few weeks ago, I met a woman who was wearing one HA and had a CI in the other ear. I eagerly approached her to ask her about her experience. I learned that she can hear her kids in the other room and that she can have a conversation with her friend across the street. I cannot do either of those things!!! So, now I am considering getting a second opinion. At this point though, it will have to wait until after the Chagim.

I have however embarked an a different project: losing weight. I am DETERMINED to do it this time. So now I have been stocking up on tons of low carb foods and revising my recipes to accomodate my diet. This is NOT Atkins, nor is it South Beach. It is simply eliminating the truly carb heavy foods and adding portion control to the mix. I eventually am going to add exercise to this too, but again, after the Chagim. There just is not enough time in my day to do so much.

The foods I have basically eliminated are potatoes, pasta, rice, cereal, and bread. The first four I have COMPLETELY eliminated. The last one, on Shabbat and Chag I eat a very small portion, as I am required to do so at the meals. And yes, since it is Chag time, we shmear a bit of honey on our bread and I am doing that. And, I am still eating fruit -- not a lot of it, but I am eating it just the same.

So far, I can only claim success: I started at 169 lbs and am now at 152 lbs. So I have lost 17 lbs since September 26! Not a bad start.

Yesterday was Yom Kippur. I had so much to daven for. I davened for my children, grandchildren, my husband, our parents, family who are ill, friends who are ill, for Israel. For myself I davened to rid myself of jealousy, grudges, and to be matzliach in finding a better paying job where I will be respected.

The economy is tanking and I am very worried. We were not in such great shape before and now it will be worse. It sucks. Especially when I read that after the govt give 87 BILLION to save Wall St. the CFO of AIG goes and spends 450k on a business meeting and 50k on manicures and pedicures. NUTS!!

Oh well, thats all for now...